Spiral Membrane Module
inspired by nature

The WD-AR10 Spiral Membrane Module is used for continuous and stationary waste water treatment for surface technology. It uses the process of diffusion dialysis.

The process

Until now, diffusion dialysis has only been carried out in stacked membranes. All known membrane separation processes could only be successfully implemented on an industrial scale after the shift from flat sheet geometry to hollow fibre or tube geometry. Examples of this include reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, gas separation and blood dialysis.

Ecological and economic benefits bath care

Our WD-AR10 membrane spiral wound module offers both significant ecological and major economic benefits for industrial users in the surface technology sector compared to other bath care alternatives, e.g. for aluminium refiners, electroplating companies and stainless steel picklers or for the PCB industry.

Strong performance

Extremely high acid recovery rates are achieved when metal is continuously removed from the bath. This minimises the quantities of bath solution and waste water flowing out for treatment. In the eloxal process, up to 95% of the free acid is recovered, with less than 5% of the aluminium returned to the bath.

Simple Operation

Diffusion dialysis is a continuous and stationary process without changeovers. Due to the design, an individual configuration of the system is possible. It is easy to integrate into an automated process. Membrane spiral wound modules connected in parallel also ensure easy scalability. The Spiral Membrane Modules is easy to change.


Due to the high packing density of the membrane surface, the membrane spiral wound module can remove significantly more metal than conventional membrane modules while taking up the same amount of space. Each module can regenerate up to 12 l/h of bath solution with a total volume of less than 20 litres.

Operating costs

Due to the continuous and stationary process, only a small amount of water is required. If the recovery process uses elevated feed vessels and no automated control, there is no need for a control cabinet, meaning that direct electricity costs are no longer incurred.

Environmental benefits

The acid is almost completely recycled. The amount of waste water is reduced by at least 30% compared to conventional competing processes.*

* As at May 2018

Key data

You can view the key data for our Spiral Membrane Module on the data sheet.


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