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Membrane humidifier

Membrane humidifier WH

Spiraltec is currently developing a wound membrane humidifier. Special attention has been paid so far to a low pressure loss on the air side in the range below 100 Pa. Another advantage is the avoidance of direct contact between water and air in the humidifier, which reliably prevents contamination of the air by the water.

Exemplary application areas


To optimize the performance of a PEM fuel cell, membrane humidifiers are often used for indirect humidification of the polymer membrane. Our wound design enables a higher performance of the humidifier compared to plate technology.


Currently, studies on room air disinfection with the newly developed humidifier are being pushed. By adding small amounts of our disinfectant HPH MED on the water side, viruses (including influenza and coronaviruses) in the room air can be safely killed at minimal cost.


The membrane humidifier can be used, for example, as a legionella-proof wet cooling tower in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, or for combined temperature control and humidity control, especially in heated rooms.


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