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The aim of FYSAM Auto Decorative GmbH was to discharge an aluminium quantity of 1 kg/h from an anodizing bath in order to maintain a desired aluminium concentration permanently in the bath.

In order to solve this problem, a module of 10 spiral membrane modules was integrated into the plant. The volume flow of the spiral membrane modules amounts 10 l/h.

We were commissioned by Grau & Wagenblast oHG with the following key data: Two anodising baths with a filling quantity of 2000 litres each and a desired aluminium discharge quantity of 90 g/h.

We realized the project with a compact system of one module, which was integrated into the periphery. This module allows the user to set a variable volume flow ranging from 3 l/h to 15 l/h for the flow through the spiral membrane module. This makes it possible to react flexibly to the amount of aluminium.


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